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Introducing Blue Tao Books | Fallen Apple Press

Updated: Jan 5

It's always been my dream to one day launch my own small press, one that would serve the needs of authors who want to maintain control of their creative vision with the support of a publisher that values their work. That day has finally arrived.

With the release of Neela Arnaud's Guided Journals for Adult Survivors series, we are off to the races, so to speak, and we couldn't be more proud. Book One of Neela's self-help series, Waking Up To Toxic People, has been a # 1 Hot New Release on Amazon in multiple categories since its publication a few weeks ago. Books Two and Three are available for pre-order, as well as Neela's autobiographical book of poems and reflections, How To Leave. We'll do a dedicated post on those later. Congratulations, Neela!

Nathan Flint

Partner & Founder

Blue Tao Books | Fallen Apple Press

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